A flush door is a completely smooth door, having plywood or MDF fixed over a light timber frame, the hollow parts of which are often filled with a cardboard core material. Skins can also be made out of hardboards, the first of which was invented by William H Mason in 1924.

Flush doors are simple interior and exterior doors that feature plain facings on both sides of the construction. While this type of door is more closely associated with function rather than style, this plain sort of door lends itself well to a number of room designs where the desire is to highlight other elements in the space. Doors of this type may have a solid or hollow core.


  • The battens are all made from selected single species of hardwood timber.
  • The battens are individually treated with insect toxicant for long lasting protection.
  • The thickness of commercial face veneer is 1.0mm and that of decorative face veneer is 0.5mm.
  • The battens are machined planed to the required thickness, preservative treated and season kiln dried.
  • The boiling-water proof synthetic Phenol Formaldehyde adhesive used for adhesion is specially tinged with toxicant & antidotes.